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WIZEGUY (Withdrawal Zone Evaluation and Graphics Utility) is a friendly, graphical user interface for public domain withdrawal zone models, WES SELECT and TVA WITHDRAW.  These models compute withdrawal zones and reservoir release quality for user-specified reservoir forebay thermal and water quality conditions and release flow.  Release quality is  computed as a mixed concentration based on computed layer withdrawals and forebay water quality profiles.  Constituent mass is assumed to be conserved between the location of the vertical quality profile and the intake (i.e., no sources or sinks for the constituent are included).  Minimum data inputs are intake characteristics for each outlet, forebay profiles of temperature and DO, and release flow for each outlet. To use WIZEGUY for calibration of withdrawal zone models,  release quality is also required. WIZEGUY is organized into three tabbed screens (Input Files, Discrete, Time-Series).   Discrete is used for detailed analysis of individual withdrawal situations, while Time-Series is used for analysis of a time-series of withdrawal situations.  WIZEGUY runs the WES and TVA withdrawal zone models and graphically compares withdrawal zone results.



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