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2D Reservoir Model Interfaces

(pre-processor for CE-QUAL-W2)
overview, screenshots

(post-processor for CE-QUAL-W2, BETTER) overview , features , screenshots , movies


some cool AGPM stuff (PDF)


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W2i and AGPM-2D for W2 v4.0 are HERE!

now shipping with your choice of W2 versions:

v4.0 (Apr 2017)

v3.72 (Aug 2015)

v3.71 (Feb 2014)

v3.6 (Nov 2010)

v3.5 (Dec 2007)

v3.2 (Aug 2004)

v3.11 (Mar 2003)

Recent in W2i:

- New Build routine works with Excel

- updated station lists for Find Met routine (ISWO, ISHD, QCLCD)


Recent in AGPM-2D:

- works with CE-QUAL-W2 v4.0

- toggle reverse reservoir orientation in animations

- click animation to add profile, time-series for clicked cell

- toggle dates or jday on most plots

- control whitespace in plot windows

- no more 2GB limit on plot files (*.w2p)


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Some Very Cool Things You Can DO With AGPM-2D:

-Overlay field data on line plots (profiles, time-series, and dam releases).

-Automatically create portfolio for field data profiles (any modeled constituent) with model overlay at matching locations/times. Add a second run to the profile plots to compare sequential calibration runs.

-Get individual profile and overall statistics for field data vs model comparisons.

-Plot or animate flux rates.

-Overlay model grid and velocity vectors on animations.

-Add a plot of a W2 time-series input linked to an animation to display/control animation progress.

-Animate outline of zones meeting specific constituent criteria (e.g., habitat zone with temperature 10-26 C and DO >4 mg/L).

-Plot time-series of reservoir volume for zone.

-Show internal weirs on animations.

-Animate differences between two simulations.

-Capture AGPM animations in distributable AVI files.

-Create user-defined context-sensitive Help for when user clicks part of the reservoir in an animation plot.

-Zoom in on any plot by dragging a box around a region on the plot.


Some Very Cool Things You Can DO With W2i:

-Create working template inputs for a new reservoir with only a bathymetry spreadsheet

-View reservoir bathymetry (segment plan view, cell profile view, layer cross-section view)

-Generate volume-elevation table each branch and total reservoir using reservoir bathymetry

-Run Management (create new run folders, automatically managing run and folder names, updating AGPM portfolios and other files with new filenames in the process)

-Compare different W2 control files line-by-line

-View reservoir bathymetry (segment plan view, cell profile view, layer cross-section view)

-Compute custom metrics from simulation .W2P plot file (e.g., number days release DO<5 mg/L, sum of volume-days with DO<1 mg/L, etc.)

-Find meteorological station near your waterbody


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Overview of Reservoir Model (CE-QUAL-W2)




Click below to sample movie



CE-QUAL-W2 is a water quality and hydrodynamic model in 2-D (longitudinal-vertical) for rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs and river basin systems. W2 models basic eutrophication processes such as temperature-nutrient-algae-dissolved oxygen-organic matter and sediment relationships. This model is supported by Dr. Scott Wells at Portland State University.  For more information, see the CE-QUAL-W2 website.


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