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Selected Loginetics Projects


Wylie Dam and Tailwater, 2002

Provided Phase 2 tailwater model incorporating new survey geometry; calibrated hydrodynamics to 2002 field data; provided training and model transfer to Duke Energy staff.  Provided Phase 1 tailwater model development using existing information.



Bull Shoals and Norfork Dam and Tailwaters, 2002  

Prepared modeling strategy to help evaluate tradeoffs between using minimum flow allocation for temperature control versus increasing physical habitat.



Saluda Dam and Tailwater, 2002

Provided preliminary bioenergetics modeling results to help evaluate effects of dam release temperature and DO on downstream fishery.  Calibrating reservoir and tailwater and bioenergetics models for development of a site-specific dissolved oxygen standard.



Ogallala Reservoir, 2002

Reviewed two-dimensional modeling of Ogallala Reservoir using CE-QUAL-W2 and WASP



Alabama Power Dam, 2002

Provided preliminary design of tailrace weir and CE-QUAL-W2 modeling of reservoir for preliminary design of oxygen injection system to aerate leakage discharge from hydropower dam.



Wallenpaupack Dam and Tailwater, 2001

Provided model interface for tailwater model to evaluate operational fixes for effects of the hydrostation on Lackawaxen River temperatures. 



Graphical User Interfaces for Public Domain Models, 1995-Present

Authored W2i pre-processor for CE-QUAL-W2 v3. Directed development of Animation and Graphics Portfolio Manager (AGPM) post-processor for 2D reservoir water quality models (CE-QUAL-W2, BETTER) and 1D river water quality model (TVA River Modeling System).  Authored various interfaces and pre-processors to streamline input-building for these models.  Developed custom AGPM for US Bureau of Reclamation, USACE Louisville District, and USACE Nashville District’s DORM-II model.  Adapted AGPM for CE-QUAL-W2 and provided AGPM training for Duke Power Company.



Mohale Reservoir, Lesotho Highlands Water Project; South Africa, 1995-1996

Modeled proposed Mohale Reservoir to predict post-filling water quality; recommended design and operation of off-take structures. 



River Modeling System, 2002

Continuous improvement and maintenance of River Modeling System source codes, including version 4 hydrodynamics (ADYN), water quality (RQUAL), physical habitat (RHAB), and fish bioenergetics (FISH).



Madison River Thermal Modeling Assessment, 1994  

Calibrated hydrothermal models for Madison River and Ennis Reservoir in Montana; advised modelers in use of TVA models.



Le Petit Saux Dam Aerating Weir, French Guiana, 1994

Advised Electricité de France scientists on weir designs to relieve dissolved gases in hydropower releases.



Deep Creek Dam Aerating Weir, 1993

Prepared hydraulic and aeration designs for weirs to achieve FERC dissolved oxygen requirements.



Kafue River Water Supply Project, City of Lusaka, Zambia, 1993

Modeled intake water quality issues on a water supply expansion.