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The following professionals and organizations work in close cooperation on aeration, temperature control, and modeling projects.  Each of these professionals represents a unique specialty.  Different team members will contribute to different projects to provide the strongest mix of talents targeted to project and customer needs.  Accordingly, these independent organizations work as a virtual corporate entity on most of their projects.


See list of Projects conducted jointly by members of this team.


Loginetics, Inc.

Gary Hauser, P.E.

     President, Senior Engineer

     Loginetics, Inc., Knoxville, TN

     email: gehauser@loginetics.com


Mr. Hauser is a specialist with over 30 years experience in water resources engineering, including engineering design, physical and mathematical modeling, field assessments, classroom instruction, and research.   Expertise in problem-solving for environmental management of hydropower reservoirs and their tailwaters.   Expertise in development and application of river and reservoir models for hydrodynamics, water quality, physical habitat, fish growth bioenergetics, and modeling interfaces.   Expertise in aeration and minimum flow technologies, particularly for hydropower dams.   Developed aerating weir technology, patents, and designs for five aeration and reregulation weirs constructed by TVA, representing a $5 million investment during 1984-1996.   Extensive publications and conference presentations.   Founded Loginetics, Inc. in 1994 for engineering consulting, modeling, and software development.


Reservoir Environmental Management, Inc.

Jim Ruane

     President, Water Quality Specialist

     Reservoir Environmental Management, Inc.,   Chattanooga, TN

     email: jimruane@comcast.net


Mr. Ruane is a specialist with over 33 years experience in water quality management strategies, riverine and reservoir water quality processes, reservoir limnology, water quality modeling, anoxic products, total dissolved gas, biological considerations, hydropower operational methods, water supply considerations.


Mobley Engineering, Inc.

Mark Mobley, P.E.

     Principal Engineer

     Mobley Engineering, Inc., Norris, TN

     email: mark@mobleyengineering.com


Mr. Mobley is a specialist with over 23 years experience in reservoir and river aeration systems, temperature control methods, aeration system modeling, and installation of full-scale aeration systems.  His experience includes 12 years at the TVA Engineering Laboratory designing, installing, and testing various aeration systems. Served as Project Manager and Project Engineer responsible for over fifteen diffuser applications.


Dean Harshbarger

     Aeration Specialist, Project Manager

     Norris, TN

     email: edharsh@bellsouth.net


Mr. Harshbarger is a specialist in powerhouse aeration methods, with over 30 years of experience at the TVA Engineering Laboratory and over 20 years involved in aeration of hydropower releases.  He also served as Project Manager for twelve turbine venting and compressed air installations.


Jim McBride

     Site Supervisor

     Norris, TN


Mr. McBride has over 30 years of experience at the TVA Engineering Laboratory. He is also responsible for logistics and safety for line diffuser installations.


Principia Research Corporation

Charles Almquist, PhD.

     Principia Research Corporation, Nashville, TN

     email: principia@mindspring.com


Dr. Almquist is a specialist in hydropower engineering analysis and assessment, hydroturbine condition monitoring and efficiency improvement, hydroturbine index testing, environmental monitoring and automated data acquisition.


WolffWare, Ltd.

Paul J. Wolff , PhD.

     WolffWare, Ltd., Norris, TN

     email: pjwolff@wolffwareltd.com


Dr. Wolff is a specialist in hydropower engineering analysis and assessment, hydroturbine condition monitoring and efficiency improvement, and hydroturbine index testing. He provides specialized data analyses for the electric power industry. Primary product is DataWolff, software that automates Microsoft Excel-based data analyses, such as analysis of plant data to evaluate operation, identify performance improvements, and provide recommendations for optimizing plant operation. 


Virginia Polytechnic Institute

John Little, PhD.

     Professor of Civil Engineering

     Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA

     email: jcl@vt.edu


Dr. John Little and Dan McGinnis (doctoral candidate) at VPI assist the aeration team in the modeling of aeration systems and linking their performance to water quality improvements in reservoirs, tailwaters, and rivers.   The following aeration systems have been modeled by the aeration team and these partners:   the porous hose line diffuser, bubble plume upwelling, the Speece cone, a side-stream supersaturation system, and a Kortman aerator.  


Dan McGinnis

     Bubble Plume Technical Specialist

     EAWAG, Switzerland

     email: dan.mcginnis@eawag.ch


Mr. McGinnis (with Dr. John Little) has developed an aeration model that can be applied to any aeration method, and both work with members of the aeration team to incorporate the results into far-field reservoir water quality models and draft tube venting models.  


Paladin Consulting, Inc.

Gary Chapman, PhD.

     Environmental Biologist

     Paladin Consulting, Corvallis, OR

     email: chapman@proaxis.com


Dr. Chapman is an environmental biologist who has extensive experience in the effects of water quality on aquatic life.   He served as the Project Officer for preparing the Criteria Document for the effects of DO on aquatic life in 1986, the most recent peer reviewed document dealing with the effects of DO on aquatic life.   He worked with Hauser, Ruane, and others on the development of a fisheries bioenergetic model that relates the growth rate of fish to various levels of DO, temperature, and food availability.


Individual Consultants


Jon Knight, PhD.


     Charlotte, NC

     email: joncknight@adelphia.net


Professional experience has covered a broad range of limnology, with emphasis on physical (heat and mass transfer) and chemical (dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrient) processes as related to plankton dynamics, plankton bioenergetics, and suspended solids. Professional goal is to establish valid limnological and ecological models for reservoirs and associated downstream releases for use in establishing reservoir management strategies. Current research activities center on the role of water use patterns (intake and discharge structures), meteorological, and land use (erosion and runoff), as influencing the physical and associated chemical dynamics of reservoirs and rivers.


James Parsly

     Systems Analyst

     Knoxville, TN

     email:   jparsly@charter.net


Mr. Parsly is a specialist in r eservoir system modeling, user interface design, numerical modeling of water temperature in reservoirs.  He is developer of TVA's Weekly Scheduling Model, an optimization model of TVA's reservoir system that is used to evaluate different operating policies.   Developer of WIZEGUY and AGPM-2D and AGPM-1D post-processors .


Hubert Pearson

     Instrumentation Engineer

     Knoxville, TN


Mr. Pearson is a specialist in hydropower instrumentation, hydroturbine condition monitoring and efficiency improvement, hydroturbine index testing, environmental monitoring and automated data acquisition.


 Scott Wells, PhD.


     Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
     Portland State University, Portland, OR

Professor Wells is associated with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at PSU. He has a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Civil and Envir. Engr., Master's degree from MIT in Civil Engr., BS in Civil Engr. at Tennessee Tech University. His research areas are in modeling of environmental fluid mechanics: surface water quality and hydrodynamics and solid-liquid separation processes. He has written over 95 technical publications. He has been involved in over 60 water body studies in Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho, Washington, and the Ukraine, where he spent the 1993-1994 year as a Fulbright scholar.