What Our Customers Have to Say


    " We recently purchased W2i-AGPM for use with CE-QUAL-W2 v3.2. It has been working very well.
    So well in fact that I wanted to apply it to some other models that were developed using v3.11.
    Thanks very much. You just saved me a lot of time. The interface definitely simplifies the evaluation
    process and provides much more information for review. "

    Klaus Albertin, Project Scientist, CH2MHILL/RDU, Raleigh, NC 27604


    " In the three years that we've had your programs, they have proved to be extremely valuable.
    The animation capabilities of AGPM, particularly, have come in very handy, especially of late
    when we used the model to demonstrate various loading scenarios and ran four animations
    simultaneously from three w2p files. It was the kind of thing that really hit home to a mix of
    technical (non-modelers) and non-technical (executive and planner types) people,
    and saved me a whole lot of explanation and arm-waving... The alternatives, such as writing
    an application for Tecplot, are not very palatable.

    Dr. Adil N. Godrej, PhD, Virginia Tech Department of Civil Engineering









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